19 Nights/ 20 Days
National Parks visited
Delhi, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mandawa, Jaipur, Agra, Khajuraho, Panna, Varanasi, Delhi


Day 1: Arrival at Delhi

Arrival at Delhi and the representative of Nature Safari assist you to the hotel where you are checked in.

Day 2 : Delhi

Welcome to the city of Delhi, the capital of India. A city that is as old as civilization itself and nurtured with loving care in the hands of several dynasties. As history unfolds itself, we find Delhi a city of magnificent kings and princes, men of great culture, learning and refinement who created famous masterpieces like the Qutab Minar, the Diwan-e-Aam and the Pearl Mosque in the Red Fort. No wonder the city's history is synonymous with the history of India. The evidence of this can be marked distinctly as the city is flourished with tombs, forts, monuments, ramparts and ruins where sightseeing is of great pleasure.

The different places of interest in Delhi are:

Jama Masjid
JamaMasjid is one of biggest mosques in India-A magnificent architectural gift by emperor Shah Jahan.

Nizam-ud-Din Shrine
It's one of Delhi's major attractions. It's the tomb of the famous Sufi saint Nizam-ud-Din Auliya. Inside the premises of the shrine is a tank which is surrounded by many other historically significant tombs.

The Bahai Temple
Completed in 1986,the Bahai temple is set amidst pools and gardens. Adherents of any faith are free to visit the temple and pray or meditate silently according to their own religion. The structure is in lotus shape so it often called the lotus temple. The view of the temple is spectacular before dusk when the temple is floodlit.

Built by the Hare Rama Hare Krishna cult followers this temple is dedicated to the Lord Krishna.

Laxmi Narain Temple
One of Delhi's major temples and a major tourist attraction. Built by the industrialist G. D. Birla in 1938, this beautiful temple is located in the west of Connaught Place. The temple is dedicated to Laxmi, the goddess of prosperity and good fortune. The temple has well grafted gardens. Popularly known as the Birla Mandir.

Red Fort
Built in 1648, this sprawling fort of red sand stones along the river Yamuna is surrounded by a wall of about 2.4 km in circumference. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built it. After he transferred his capital from Agra to Delhi. The fort has two main entrances, the Delhi Gate and the Lahori Gate facing the famed Chandni Chowk market. The Fort has Diwan-e-Aam, and Diwan-e-Khas where the king would grant audience to the public and would grant audience to important people respectively Adjacent to this is the Rang Mahal, the water-cooled Apartment for the royal ladies. A Light and Sound show is held in the evening.

The entire 2nd day the guests have an exhaustive tour of the capital city which has a vast cultural heritage to offer.

Day 3: Delhi - Udaipur

Udaipur is another city in the state of Rajasthan that attracts tourists from all the spheres and corners of the country.It is better known as the jewel of mewar.

The city of Dawn, Udaipur is a lovely land around the azure water lakes, hemmed in by the lush hills of the Aravalis. A vision in white drenched in romance and beauty, Udaipur is a fascinating blend of sights, sounds and experiences - an inspiration for the imagination of the poets, painters and writers. Its kaleidoscope of fairy-tale palaces, lakes, temples, gardens and narrow lanes strewn with stalls, carry the flavor of heroic past, epitomizing valor and chivalry. Their reflection in the placid waters of the Lake Pichhola is an enticing sight. Udaipur is the jewel of Mewar - a kingdom ruled by the Sisodia dynasty for 1200 years. Overlooking the aquamarine expanses of the Lake Pichhola stands the splendid City Palace - a marvel in granite and marble.

Day 4: Udaipur - Jodhpur

Situated in the same state of Rajasthan is the city of Jodhpur which is a few hours drive from the city of Udaipur.Nestling within the depths of the Thar Desert, is the stronghold of the Rathore clan - Jodhpur, once the capital of the former princely state of Marwar, the second largest city of Rajasthan, after Jaipur . The town was once known as Marwar, which means 'Land of Death', probably, referring to the harsh desert climate. It is an island of marble palaces, cordoned off from the desert by an immense wall, with eight gates facing different directions.

Flanked on its western side by the Mehrangarh fort, and on the eastern side by the stately sandstone Palace of Umaid Bhawan, the monuments, temples and gardens of Jodhpur depict a multi-faceted grandeur.

On arrival at the city the officials assist the guests and they check into the hotel.

Day 5: Jodhpur

The 6th day of the trip is dedicated to sightseeing of Jodhpur.

Day 6: Jodhpur - Jaisalmer

The next morning we drive to Jaisalmer. Upon arrival check in at Hotel Gorbandh Palace.

The name Jaisalmer evokes a vivid picture of sheer magic and brilliance of the desert. Local color and warmth prevail over the inhospitable and forbidding terrain, imbuing the medieval town with a special magic. One of the main attractions is the imposing 12th century Jaisalmer Fort. The beautiful havelis which were built by wealthy merchants of Jaisalmer are yet another interesting aspect of the desert city. And, of course, the romantic sand dunes, the best way of exploring them and the desert around being by way of a camel safari.

Day 7: Jaisalmer

You must have travel through the wild in jeep and elephant backs, but what about a camel safari in the desert of Jaisalmer. Feel the adventure of a Camel Safari, which takes you through the golden sands of the vast Thar Desert - primeval, savage and lonely. Ride through sandy landscape, passing through remote villages. Camp on the solitary oasis, experience the dark starry nights and dance to musicians playing a haunting, stringed instrument.

Camel Safaris take one to an experience of the days gone by when time drifted at a leisurely pace. The rolling landscape of the unrelieved ocean of sand and xerophytes shrub covered area is breathtakingly beautiful and the range of flora and fauna surprisingly large for a desert area.

The special cultural performances on the sand dunes, the camps set up for the travelers, the traditional Rajasthani meals and the picturesque hamlets with friendly folks, all make Thar Desert Camel Safaris Asia's fastest selling adventure holidays.

Day 8: Jaisalmer - Bikaner

Drive to Bikaner and on arrival at the city the guests are taken to the hotel and checked in. And the visit into the city is planned after a delicious lunch at the hotel.

If you thrill to the inexorable forces of nature do not miss Bikaner. This is true desert country. You must dismiss any picture post-card ideas of the desert, however. There are few sand dunes here. The Thar Desert is hard, rocky soil, solid as brick. It is scrub-country, not cactus land. Gorse, thorn, milkweed sprout precariously and the earth is alive with brazen insects and bolder birds.

Day 9: Bikaner - Mandawa

An exhaustive tour of the state of Rajasthan takes the guests further into the vast state in the northern region. We reach Mandawa and check in at Castle Mandawa / Mukundgarh Palace and plan an afternoon sightseeing of Mandawa.

Mandawa lies in the heart of shekawati a painted arched gateway adorned with Lord Krishna and his cows Leeds to the bazaar. You can wonder through the streets where mansions of rich merchants are adorned with elaborate frescoes.

Day 10: Mandawa - Jaipur

Jaipur being the capital of Rajasthan cannot be missed out upon as it has a rich heritage and cultural background to support it. It is a bustling capital city and a business center with all the trapping of modern metropolis but yet flavored strongly with an age-old charm that never fails to surprise a traveller.The old Jaipur painted in Pink can grip any visitor with admiration. Stunning backdrop of ancient forts Nahargarh, Amer, Jagarh and Moti Dungri are dramatic testimonials of the bygone era and a reminder of their lingering romance.

Day 11: Jaipur

Morning visit of the famous Amber Fort and in the afternoon visit the interiors of Jaipur.

Day 12: Jaipur - Agra

Drive to Agra enroute visiting FatehPur Sikri. Upon arrival check in at Hotel Clarks Shiraz in the city of the Taj.

Agra - The city known for the famous monument of love - the Taj Mahal. The Mughal Emperor, Shah Jehan, constructed taj Mahal. It is said he built this monument in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is ethereal at any part of the day - blushing in the rosy glow of dawn or sunset, appearing like a pearly mirage in the moonlight or reflected in the pools of the garden. Perhaps the most moving view of the Taj is from an octagonal tower in the Agra Fort further along the river Yamuna.

There are very few cities in the world that can match the history and heritage of Agra. Located at a distance of 204 km south of Delhi, Agra is the single most famous tourist destination of India. Situated on the west bank of River Yamuna, Agra is a part of the great Northern Indian plains. The architectural splendor of the city is reflected in the glorious monuments of medieval India built by great Mughals who ruled India for more than 300 years.

Day 13: Agra

Full day sightseeing of Agra and The Taj Mahal. The Taj is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular buildings of the world. Renowned for its architectural magnificence and aesthetic beauty, it counts among man's proudest creations and is invariably included in the list of the world's foremost wonders. As a tomb, it has no match upon earth, for mortal remains have never been housed in greater grandeur.

Day 14: Agra - Khajuraho

We move towards the temple city of Khajuraho and take a flight there. Most celebrated manifestations of Indian architecture are to be found in a group of temples at Khajuraho in central India. Situated a hundred miles southeast of the town of Jhansi in the modern-day state of Madhya Pradesh, these temples are over thirty in number. These temples, unlike many others in central or south India, do not illustrate a development over a long period of time, but were erected over a relatively narrow period of hundred years from A.D. 950. The Khajuraho temples represent, one might say, a happy and almost unique coincidence of religious emotion, abundant patronage, artistic genius, and aesthetic sensibility. Fortunately, these temples have weathered the climate for a thousand years and have withstood neglect surprisingly well.

Day 15: Khajuraho - Bandhavgarh National Park

Before we leave for yet another amazing wildlife heritage the guests are asked to complete the excursions into the city of Khajuraho.Afternoon we drive to the Panna national park. Upon arrival the guests are checked in at Jungle Resort. The next few days are scheduled to be spent at this reserve before the trip is completed.

Day 16: Bandhavgarh National Park

Morning / evening game drive in the Park.

Day 17: Bandhavgarh National Park

Morning / evening game drive in the park.

Day 18: Bandhavgarh - Khajuraho - Varanasi

The visitors are taken to the Khajuraho airport for boarding a flight to Varanasi.

Varanasi, Kashi or Banaras, is older than traditions. The divine grace of this city lies is unique combination of physical, metaphysical and supernatural elements. Ghats of Varanasi are natural supplement to the concept of divinity. It is a city that liberates soul from human body to ultimate.

The much quoted Sanskrit Skloka Proclame ' Kasyam maranam mukti' (death in Kashi is Liberation). In fact the extension of this belief could be visualized in early concept of ' Pancha Trirtha' symbolically identified with the human body it is explicitly equated with the fire elements (Panch Tattva) of witch body is composed interesting people now defining as all the Ghats are points on the divine cosmic road ( 12th Zodiacs X 7cakras of body thus 98 ) represents its manifest transcendental dimension.

Day 19: Varanasi

Early morning boat ride at river Ganges. & Sightseeing of Varanasi the entire day.

Day 20: Varanasi - Delhi

We come towards the last day of the trip as we arrive in Delhi and plan for our departures from the Airport by late evening flight back home.