IRAI Safari

Located in the serene village of Bhamdeli about 1.5 kms from the Mohurli gate of the Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Irai Safari Retreat is spread across 14 acres of naturally created landscapes overlooking the Irai backwaters. The grounds boast of excellent greens and lounging spaces which are the only local venues for local folk performances.
Traditional architecture, natural stone paved pathways and orantewood carvings lend a rustic ambience to our luxury cottages, tents and world class dining spaces.

Cottages and Tents

Our luxury cottages and tents are bright and spacious residences filled with beautiful views of the jungle landscape with the Irai backwaters as a backdrop.
Furnished with rich polished woods and natural fabrics, the cottages and tents are equipped with the latest modern technologies, high speed wifi and prompt room services for our guest’s utmost convenience.


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