Our Team

Led by Sharad Kumar Vats (Founder) who sowed the seeds of passion for Indian Wildlife in his organization, has grown into a tree over last 17 years. The strong trunk led by Sharad himself, and the branches with capable team members have flourished over the years. The fruits of all the efforts of the last two decades is showing on this tree with the happy guests as the flowers and fruits. The personal wildlife experience of Sharad in India is quite extensive, he has travelled several times into the national parks in all possible tourism areas, and is a regular safari traveler till date. Most of the time during the season he is in the national parks with his camera, exploring new avenues, and understanding the changes happening in the conservation circles of Indian Wildlife.

Our Vision:

Achieving guest delight by consistent delivery of quality service by a motivated workforce, by minimizing water and carbon footprint.

Our Mission:

We realized the above vision was possible to be achieved by incorporating the below attributes in our team:

  1. Being Fast
  2. Focussed
  3. Flexible, and
  4. Friendly

Our journey:

It is an on going journey and not an end to be achieved, hence 24X7X365 days of relentless efforts to conserve Indian Wildlife through spreading awareness of Indian wildlife. As we believe that only once people are aware of the rich bio-diversity that India has on offer, will they care to conserve the same. Tourism is the means we chose to achieve our goals. The idea being to benefit the local community from the economy that gets started by tourism. Hence we chose the Wildlife Lodges carefully, the Lodges which employed more than 90% local population. In this journey we developed the local community as our guides and drivers for safaris. Lot of local vendors are developed. Today we can proudly say that we have launched tourism economy in quite a few parks, specially parks like Pench and Dudhwa which were practically unknown, and today they are on the world map. We realized that once the tourism developed in the area, and people started to get employment from it, the conservation standards improved

In this journey we encountered some obstacles, which included a severe blow in 2012 when the apex court of the country put a ban on Indian Wildlife tourism. It dipped tourism revenues into all the national parks where we have wildlife tourism. But with eveyr obstacle we have come up more stronger, and positive. The result shows in our repeat guest base of over 65%, which clearly signifies that all our guests get what they desire from us during the tours.

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