The Baagh

The Baagh Resort is a rural, forest retreat in the heart of central India where tigers roam in the jungle and fields of yellow mustard sway in the sunlight. The Baagh is nestled in the heart of the rolling Maikal hills, a picturesque belt of villages that are set around the great Kanha National Park which is one of the largest sal forests to be inhabited by such a diversity of large and small animal and bird life.

Here the austere yet austere walls of mud homes curve with the undulation of the human hands that made them. Latticed fields give way to rivers and streams and an ancient forest filled flora and fauna so rich as to have inspired the Mughals to come in search of diamonds and Rudyard Kipling to write the Jungle Book. Colourful markets and provincial towns are dotted with people who are some of the oldest indigenous inhabitants of South Asia. Even remote corners have shrines to the various communities who live here.

Arriving at the retreat you first cross the threshold of an old traditional mud farm home and then move into the expanse of the Baagh Retreat. The slightly elevated restaurant dining terraces are tranquil and open perch from which to gaze at the gardens. The Baagh's landscape has hundreds of fruiting trees and many vegetables, which are used in the restaurant's kitchen.

Each of the 24 rooms, 16 Deluxe Suites and 8 Junior Suites are well-appointed with open terraces facing towards the garden and the lake. Marble clad bathrooms and sumptuous beds are welcome comforts that soothe the guest after a day of exploring nature.

Each pathway around in the Baagh holds new delights whether in the form of a pavilion, a contemplative seat under a large, shady tree or an intimate space for outdoor dining or barbecues.

Conveniently located towards Mukki Gate, which is the quieter side of the Park, the Baagh is a brief fifteen minute jeep ride to the famous Kanha National Park for tiger safaris. Along with tigers, there are wonderful cheetal, sambar deer, nilgai and birds such as the crested hawk eagle, vultures and painted francolin. Phen Sanctuary, known for leopard sightings, is also nearby and is an annexe of Kanha National Park featuring luscious vegetation and rugged terrain.


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