Tree House Anuraga

Imagine a world where time stands still. A world where the distant roar of the tiger echoes in the majestic foothills of the Aravalli’s. A world where tradition meets modernity. Imagine the world of Anuraga Treehouse Resort, one of the most exquisite resorts in Ranthambore. From spectacular jungle adventures, private retreats, to exciting conferences and banquets, the Treehouse Anuraga Resort promises a memorable time for everyone. If you want to experience the perfect blend of wilderness and luxury then step into the magical world of history, culture and tradition at the Anuraga Treehouse Resort. An experience beyond words, is truly what this hotel in Ranthambore delivers.

Treehouse Anuraga Resort reinvents one of Ranthambore’s oldest hotels, and transforms it into one of the finest luxurious resorts in Ranthambore, while preserving its ancient heritage at the same time. Decorated in the pristine white architectural style of a traditional Rajasthani haveli, this sprawling Ranthambore hotel offers the best of modern amenities for leisure and business travelers. The Treehouse Anuraga Resort has 40 rooms, and 4 plush suites, overlooking verdant green lawns, and equipped with all the amenities for conferences, weddings or the intrepid tourist, making it one of the most comfortable resorts in Ranthambore. Just imagine this wonderful pristine Ranthambore resort as a paradise situated in the wild, one that promises to take you into a different world all-together.

So step into a world where hospitality reigns supreme and the warmth envelopes you at every step, from the breath-taking motifs at the lobby to the intricate floral patterns that adorn each room, this Ranthambore hotel is an architectural masterpiece. Conceived and created by one of the oldest families of Sawai Madhopur, Treehouse Anuraga Resort recreates much of the tribal art motifs and influences from the historic Meena community of Rajasthan, creating its own distinct aura. Inspired by the rich culture of Rajasthan this Resort at Ranthambore certainly takes you back into time. The hotel is also equipped with some top of the line recreational amenities including spa, swimming pool, outdoor play area and much more, thereby confirming its position as one of the top hotels in Ranthambore.

So whether you want to unwind at the aquamarine poolside cafe, chase the elusive tiger footprints or enjoy day trips to the dams and reservoirs that irrigate this desert oasis, the choices in this Ranthambore hotel are just spectacular. You can also spend the leisurely evening learning about the history of Ranthambore from one of the oldest families in the district or get away from it all with a trip to the special organic Shabri Farm to relish your own little patch of green. Of several hotels in Ranthambore, Treehouse Anuraga is sure to connect you with the nature in the most pristine mode.

Come looking for adventure and go back with a bag full of wonderful memories, only at the best hotel in Ranthambore, the Anuraga Treehouse Resort.


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